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Anita Nigam Predicts for Modi!

Anita Nigam Predicts for Modi!

Well, this is a difficult time for Lalit Modi and for Indian Cricket so here is my astrological prediction for Lalit Modi with regard to his position as the IPL Chairman.

Lalit Modi will not be able to secure his power and position in IPL right now. Till 1st June he will pass through a very difficult time and humiliation. He will be the victim of power politics. After 1st June, a dynamic turn back period for Modi will start. This positive turn of Modi will be dangerous and injurious for all his competitors. His diplomatic skills and tactics will come in handy during this time. By the end of 2010, he will re-gain his power and position in a different way.

He will be in the news sometimes for right reasons and sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Lalit Modi will have luck on his side only after the month of June 2010.

About Anita Nigam

Anita Nigam is an internationally acclaimed Astrologer, globally recognized for her accurate predictions on different fields of vedic astrology – personal, mundane, prashana shastra and unique sports predictions, She had predicted for thousands of people worldwide related to their job and career, business and partnership predictions, marriage and match making predictions, education predictions, love predictions, predictions on legal and litigation matters, whole life prediction, prashna kundali (ask a question) etc.

Anita has been honoured with many prestigious awards like Bharat Jyoti Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Best Citizen of India Award etc.

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