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Ek Tha Tiger

Power of 3,6 & 9!
Both No 9's, & followers of Numerology, Salman (27/12) & Yash Chopra (27/09) released the Songs of Ek Tha Tiger on 12th (3) at 12 noon! 3 is Jupiter, Guru, biggest, & it was also Guruwar, a day (& date) of Guru!
Earlier, the online promos of their most awaited film was on 27th (9)!
Worldwide Release date too is 15th (6) as 3,6,9 a fam

No 7, Katrina was also on her Bday tipped to have a great 29th year.
Opening weeks collections should be thunderous!


God Bless
Sanjay B Jumaani

India shall 'shine' in her 66th year!

Our nation is about to celebrate her 65th'year of Independence; while pessimists will remain cynical, one must ask those who 'served' under the British Raj the value of Independence!

Age is not just a Number, at least according to Numerology where every Number has its own significance.

While our economy didn't do great for the past one year, it was however one of the best years for Bollywood; 65th'adds to 2, Moon on which so many romantic songs have been pictured. Most Superstars in Bollywood have been No 2’s, starting from Rajesh Khanna {29/12} to Big B {11/10} to SRK {2/11}. World's biggest Superstar, Michael Jackson {29/08} was a No 2 too!

So let us analyze what can one expect from our 66th'{6+6=3} year after completing 65 years on 15th'August.

India adds to 3, {Jupiter, biggest} Bharat to 6 {Venus, Harmony} and 3, 6, 9 {Mars, fiery} are a family of Numbers andhave played an important role in the progress of our nation.

We are about to enter our 66th'{3} year which can be a landmark year, especially when it coincides with 2013 {6}.

Influence of 3,6,9 on India:

Sample this:'the year we got Independence, 1947=3; the date 15th Aug {15=6}. We won the elusive World Cup in 1983 {1983=3} with # 6 captain Kapil Dev {06/01} whose name adds to 3.

Exactly 24 years later {24=6} we won the Twenty-20 World Cup, in the year 2007 {9}. And that too on a 24th {6}. Man of the Match, Irfan Pathan was a # 9 {27/10} sporting Jersey # 63 at our behest.

We won both our Asia Cups in years adding to 3 or 6;
1986 (6) & 2010 (3!

When we picked the recent World Cup, most matches India played were {FIXED?} slated by BCCI on dates adding to 3,6 or 9.

Barring one, we won them all!

Five of the six narrowest One-Day victories have been on dates adding to 3, 6 or 9!
In the past, we were victorious by 1, 2 or 3 runs in the following matches:

Vs NZ on 06/03/1990
Vs SA on 21/02/2010
Vs SA on 24/11/1993
Vs ZIM on 24/01/2004
Vs SL on 15/12/2009

In 2010 {3} in our 63rd'{9} year when the whole world was reeling with recession, India was the least affected; not only that, we were doing so well that we had for the first time powerful visitors like Obama and Sarkozi being lured by our growing economy for trade talks!

3,6,9 did wonders in the recent Olympics too when most of the medals were bagged on a 3 & 6 date; the first to bag a medal was Gagan Narang, a double No 6 (6/5/1983 & Taurus Ruler No 6 too) who is also in his 30th (3) year; his name adds to 30 too!

He won it on the 30th {3} as well!

Then again on a 3rd Vijay Kumar made us proud by winning a Silver!

One more Olympic medal was confirmed on 6th; Mary Kom (01/03/1983) is a Piscean also ruled by No.3, Jupiter and her name adds to 21 (3) too. She is also in her 30th (3) year.

Sushil Kumar on the last day, a 12th {3} proved to be the silver lining winning a 'Silver'!

At war, we were victorious in the years 1947, {3} 1965,{3} 1971 {9}! During Kargil, two very strategic points were recaptured {Point 5203} on June 21, {3} and Khalubar, July 6 {6}.

On 12th Jan {3}, in the 66th {3} Golden Globe Awards, we achieved the distinction of winning a few Awards; Slumdog Millionaire adds to 63 {9} and A R Rehman, a # 6 {like Kapil Dev, 06/01 again, {whose name also adds to 3!} made India proud.

India swept 9 Oscars totally {8 Slumdog, 1 Smile Pinki}; it was the 81st Academy Awards. {81=9}. Smile Pinki adds to 33, or 6!

Our Parliament has 12 (3) gates, Foundation Stone was laid on 12th, took 6 years to make, opened on 18th (9).

To sum it hence, 66th gives us No 3, Jupiter, known to be the planet of wealth and prosperity.

2013 will give us No 6, Venus, that represents the good things of life.

So as far as our economy goes, one can expect better things to follow after a long lull. Jai Ho!


It's all in the Numbers!

Gayle Kaa Khel!

6, Venus best for No 3's, 5's & 8's.
I'm Governed by No 3, 5 (Virgo Ruler) & 8 as 30+8+1968=8.

After struggling for 17 years in a Sales Job, in 2001 (3) when I was in my 32nd (5) year my spellings were changed & brought on 33 (6). Soon I entered my 33rd year to see a complete transformation.

Daughter Vaishnevi, also a No 6 (06/01) was born then too who never saw her dad as a Salesman!

Like me, another No 3 Virgo & Highest Scorer of IPL 5 is Chris Gayle, (21/09/1979) & is in his 33rd (6) year in 2012 (5)!

5 Longest 6's are all his as well as most 6's in DLF IPL in a match!

1,3,5,6 best for No 8's; Highest wicket taker of IPL 5 so far, Sunil Narine (26/05/1988)
adds to No 1 with his name & is in his 24th (6) year, hence on a roll!

2012 is 5, had said No 5's , Gemini & Virgo (Ruler 5, Mercury) shall shine.

While Narine is a Gemini, Gayle is a Virgo!

As predicted Juhii Parmaar a No 5 in her 32nd (5) year was crowned Bigg Boss Season 5!

No 5, Aamir Khan is rocking with Satyamev Jayate too!

Yeh Number Ki Baat Hai!

God Bless
Sanjay B Jumaani

9 is the same as 93!

Like you guys,
I'm perplexed too with Bhajji's Numerologist.
How can things change if his earlier Jersey No 3 is what we again get after adding 93 (9+3=3!).

Will the Numerologist, if any stand up?

I had even predicted a bad World-Cup for him & even at the start of IPL 5 said I don't think he (and Sachin) may deliver.

For Harbhajan fans, after his Bday on 3/07, he's set to enter his 33rd year, a better phase will begin!

Meanwhile stick to No 3 is my advice.

Sanjay B Jumaani,
Celebrity Numerologist

Akshaya Tritiya on  April 24

Buying something valuable? Wait till Tuesday.
Most Auspicious Akshaya Tritiya (again) this time! No 6, Venus (Shukra) is Planet of Luxury. The Date of the Festival is governed triply by Venus as
1) Its on 24th,
2) 24+4+2012=6 too;
3) Taurus Ruler is Venus too!

Last year too it was very Auspicious as not only was it a triple Venus Date, the Day was also a Shukrawar (Shukra-Venus). Jewellers proved my prediction right last year by selling record Gold.

So Goldsmiths can Expect many Bhappi Lahiri's this time!

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Sanjay B Jumaani,
Celebrity Numerologist

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