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Is It Vasundhara Raje or The Stars Causing Mayday for BJP?

Is It Vasundhara Raje or The Stars Causing Mayday for BJP?

Just a year back, successfully making his way to PM’s office, BJP Supremo – Narendra Modi has always been a part of one or the other controversy. If that wasn’t enough to burden the PM, controversies involving BJP top brass - Vasundhara Raje and Sushma Swaraj are doing rounds.  The same stars that supported Modi ji’s quest to Delhi in 2014, now seem to be troubling him. If we study his birth chart and the planetary movements in 2014, he was blessed by Moon and Mars making ‘Kendra Trikon Yog’ and ‘Lakshmi Narayan Yog’ in his Kundali. He has worked hard to make a stunning debut year in international affairs and now he is facing another demanding situation to save home front (BJP) from getting its image another black spot.

Vasundhara Raje is being targeted for her business relations with disgraced former IPL boss Lalit Modi. Raje is also battling allegations that she vouched for Modi in an immigration application for Britain on condition that her backing would be kept confidential. On the other hand, Ms Sushma Swaraj has also found herself at the centre of a political storm after a disclosure by UK-based Sunday Times stating that she facilitated travel documents for Lalit Modi.

astroYogi astrologers have tried to find reasons behind the current state of BJP and for that they looked into BJP supremo Narendra Modi’s stars:

Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: 17th September 1950

Time of Birth: 11:00:00

Place of Birth: Mehsana

Sun Sign: Virgo

After looking into PM’s birth chart, astroYogi astrologers have found that since 14th June 2015, his Venus in 10th house is in Pratyantar. This planetary position is set to affect his work and make him stressed. It is advised to handle things patiently with a cool head. Things will improve and opponents will fall weak by mid of September, when Sun will replace Venus.


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