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Feng Shui For Positive Energy!

Feng Shui For Positive Energy!

Colour plays a very important role in Feng Shui and is known to have healing powers that can completely change people’s lives. Certain problems can be resolved by targeting areas of your house and making changes based on the principles of Feng Shui. The five elements of Feng Shui- Wood, Earth, Metal, Fire and Water can help attract harmony to your home. Some well known Feng Shui colours which are known for their healing energy are green, blue, yellow and white.

Place something in green in the East feng shui area of your home to attract positive chi and also to improve your family life and personal relationships. A green lamp or green hanging on the wall may help.

Anything in green will do the trick.

A soothing blue in the North area of your house is known to help you boost your career prospects. It is also used as a harmonizing element by placing the colour blue in the East and South east area of the house. It helps attract wealth and money to your home.

Yellow, the colour that is well known for bringing in harmony and peace works best when used in the south portion of your home. It brings in good times and occasions for celebrations.

White is known to enhance your creative skills. You are able to come up with some rather fascinating ideas if you use the colour white on the northern part of your house.


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