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Do's and don'ts when Valentine's Day strikes

Do's and don'ts when Valentine's Day strikes

Valentine's Day, the day when love is celebrated around the world and the colour red is everywhere, almost everywhere... the last thing you want to do is paint yourself red! Made this faux pas yet? What are the things that you can do wrong on this day that's eagerly awaited by women and dreaded by men? Points of view may differ. Depending upon how you view Valentine's Day, here are some dos and don'ts for couples and singles.

Do's for Women in a Relationship: Ladies, this is not just your day to be pampered and loved by the man in your life. He expects something in return from you too. Men love to be the centre of attention; even when your guy denies it, don't fall for it. Make him feel adored, cause you don't want to look back and regret this missed opportunity to celebrate and make this day a memorable one for both of you. Keep it simple and thoughtful, as too much stress on making this day 'perfect' can only lead to a ruined Valentine's Day.

Don'ts - Don't crib about anything. Men don't find it 'sweet' when women make faces and crib about how things didn't go according to the plan. They don't give a damn about plans and you shouldn't too. Enjoy every moment.

Do's for Single women: Make the day a fun one for you and your other single friends. Hang out and have a good time. Meeting new people and socializing is recommended. If you are interested in someone and he seems to be interested too, this may be a great opportunity to ask him out.

Don'ts -

Don't stay at home alone and fill your head with all kinds of dreary thoughts.

Don't spend the evening with couples and feel like the odd one out. Decline all such invitations.

Don't call or text your ex. That's a big no-no!

Men in a relationship: The most sensitive of men will not understand women's obsession for a dreamy Valentine's Day. It's just another day and a marketing gimmick, right? As far as your female sweetheart is concerned, you couldn't be more wrong. She may say, she doesn't care but do you really want to believe she's not expecting something to make her day? Women rarely say what they mean; Aries is an exception! She'll mope and sulk for days on end and will remind you every year how you failed to do anything on Valentine's Day. Be ready with a gift that's to her taste and avert a disaster.

Don'ts -

Don't even think about spending the day with your male friends. If you do, you will have an antagonized woman to deal with for a long time to come.

Not gifting anything to your sweetheart may put you in a difficult spot.

Understand your Zodiac Lovers

Dating an Aries: If you are dating an Aries, going out and planning an extravagant date is recommended. A sentimental note alone will not impress the Arian.

Dating a Taurus: Taurus is a sentimental and a romantic fool. Anything thoughtful that you do for Taurus will never be forgotten. Expect them to do something special for you.

Dating a Gemini: Expecting too much from a Gemini may not be the right way to go about this day. They will plan something fun; go with the flow with this sign. Gemini loves to be pampered without too much emotional pressure on them. Keep your date light and fun.

Dating a Cancer: Cancer loves generous lovers and you must give and not just take from this sign. Spending time with them and gifting them something they have wished for a long time will make your Cancer lover happy.

Dating a Leo: Your Leo partner will most probably take the lead and take you out to an expensive restaurant or plan a special treat for you. As lovers, Leo likes to impress with their fine ways. Gift them something elegant to keep up.

Dating a Virgo: Though very affectionate, Virgo may have a hard time being too expressive about how they feel. They will make the day special for you in their own unique way.

Dating a Libra: Libra loves a partner who understands their need for togetherness. They don't care whether you take them out or you plan something special at home. As long it involves the two of you, they are game for anything.

Dating a Scorpio: Spending the day alone at home, creating happy memories and cooking something you both love, will make your Scorpio lover happy. Don't even think about involving your friends and inviting them over.

Dating a Sagittarius: Sagittarius loves adventure and will be restless to make this a day to remember. Plan a brief but thrilling holiday that will satisfy your Sagittarian's urge to explore something new.

Dating a Capricorn: As long as what you do is sincere and from the heart, your Capricorn lover will appreciate and love you for it. They are loyal lovers who expect little from others. A simple dinner at home will appeal to Capricorn.

Dating an Aquarius: Anything unusual will appeal to the Aquarian. A unique piece of art or something spiritual will impress your Aquarius lover. They love music and will be thrilled if you take them out to a concert where their favourite band is playing.

Dating a Pisces: A Pisces wants to be reassured of your love, and what you convey on this day holds a lot of importance for the sensitive Piscean. They love jewellery, things that remind them of the sea and whatever reminds them of the great bond you share.


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