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Virgo Health Horoscope 2016

Virgo Health Horoscope 2016

Virgo, you may experience stress resulting from pressure at work in February. Be sure to take time to yourself, and balance your life in order to relax and be healthy. In April, the Sun is Aries, and can cause you to suffer from a low self esteem and lethargy that could lead to physical concerns if left unchecked. Get plenty of rest and eat healthily to keep your energy high at this time.

The main health concern for you seems to come when Mercury enters Leo from the 27th July, and can leave you with an unstable mind for a few weeks. Again, you will notice that this is psychological, and can be resolved as soon as you learn how to address the internal issues. In this case it could be your unhealthy desires, or you could be drifting away from your partner.

Aside from that the planets are suggesting very good health for you in the year 2016, and you should not expect any surprises outside of your usual medical conditions.

Taking care of your mental well being will be just as important for you this year, and you should always look for help if you need iteven if this is just a friend who can lend you an ear, or a partner who can offer support.