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Scorpio Career Horoscope 2016

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2016

Scorpio, you may not start off the year with much concern for your work or business, with the Sun in Capricorn suggesting more of a focus on your personal life. That's okay! You will find the right balance again when Venus enters Capricorn on the 12th February. You may have to make some sacrifices to your social life, but by this point you will be ready to do that.

At the end of February, with Mars in Scorpio, you may see an opportunity to change your job, and you should do so if you are not happy where you are currently. However, it is recommended that those in business avoid changing anything much – instead stick with what works for a while. If you don't have a job, then you may get lucky when the Sun enters Pisces on the 14th March. Make sure you are out there looking!

An interesting time for you if you are in business is the end of May, when Venus is in Taurus. If you have been seeking to go into a new venture then you may find the funds you need to carry out your plan. Just make sure you have thought it through enough to know that it will work, because there might be a bump along the way...

Venus moves into Gemini on the 13th June and disrupts your confidence a little. You may start feeling indecisive about the venture at this point, and your finances could dip. Have faith! When Mars moves into Libra on the 22nd June it brings strong chances of success and gain, and you will start to feel more comfortable that you have made the right move. Stick to the plan!

On the 27th July Mercury moves into Leo, and at this point you will feel to taking on more responsibility at work. At this time you should involve yourself with a challenging project - if you do your superiors will be impressed to see that you are reaching more of your potential. You can't prove yourself worthy if you do not step up and rise to something more than you do already, and this will be your chance.

Your enthusiasm remains high after such as fulfilling push, with Mercury moving into Virgo on the 20th August. It should be easy to stay energetic and passionate at this time, helping you to live up to your own expectations. The Sun enters Virgo on the 15th, and all of your hard work starts to pay off – your hard work over the past few months will be well appreciated. Enjoy the praise and potential pay rise!

By the time Venus enters Scorpio on the 14th October you will have hit a good rhythm with your workload, and task will be completed at a slow and steady pace. If you are in business or investment

Towards the end of the year you might find that a jealous colleague tries to trip you up at work, with Mercury in Scorpio on the 9th November. You will have to keep your cool at this point. Do not devalue your hard work over a rivalry – let your efforts and results speak for themselves!

Rise to the challenge this year Scorpio, and you will receive the recognition that you deserve. Sometimes you just have to prove yourself first, and this can mean taking the odd risk.