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2015 Yearly Horoscope for Saggitarius

  • Dear Sagittarius, welcome the year 2015 with open arms, as the influence of planets and how they have impacted your last two years is behind you. You can relax and see how in the first quarter of the year, things unfold in a manner befitting royalty. But regardless of the wonderful things that are happening, it is important that you keep your feet on the ground and be a little mysterious. You will find this year one of travel, whether for the purposes of business or pleasure. It is important that you make all the right moves at this time dear Sagittarius, so a detailed Year Ahead 2015 report will be of immense help in making the right decisions. Many opportunities will come your way, particularly in the January to March period, it is important that you be cognizant of these opportunities in 2015, particularly with regards to your career or business. Dear Sagittarius, the new year has a good time in store for you in all aspects of life. Your fun loving nature and hunger for adventure will be satisfied as the year brings a time full of zest and excitement. However as the year begins, you will need to be very careful and aware in all matters. In January you may also face issues in putting across your point at work place or in personal relationships. These will be the effects of the Mercury Retrograde taking place in this month. The mentioned challenges which you may face in this time will however not be of great impact to you as your optimistic approach will help you deal with problems without any trouble. As the period of Mercury Retrograde ends in the first half of February, a more promising time awaits you. This year, relationships may also take a positive turn and the freedom lover within you may want to now give someone the special place of your life partner. Major decisions relating to life will be on your mind. The next Mercury Retrograde will be in the month of May which will again be a bit challenging period for you. November brings along favourable time as your sign will be ruled by Mercury in this month. AstroYogi astrologers mention that apart from the minor ups and downs, you have a great time in store for you! Thursdays will be lucky for you and therefore keeping all important work for this day of the week will be beneficial for you!

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