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Pisces Horoscope 2016

Pisces, 2016 is looking like a very exciting year for you. Have you been thinking much about travel recently? The planets show many signs that you will take trips to faraway places, both long and short, and you may even be joined by a romantic partner at some point. You can find out more about this later!

The best time to travel may be at the start of the year, when the Sun comes into Capricorn on the 15th January, or you can wait until March 14th, when the Sun moves into your sign, and gives you another favorable period for globetrotting. See when you feel ready, and make your move!

Later in the year, on October 14th, Venus is in Scorpio, and at this time you may take a short trip that is focused on the spiritual. This could be an ashram or a pilgrimage, or simply an inner intention. If you take this trip you will experience vast growth within your own being.

Love is in the air for a lot of the year, and if you are partnered up you can expect to be spending some quality time with your lover – take the opportunity to show them how much you mean to them. You know you are a romantic at heart. Those thinking about marriage have several favorable periods to plan. See the 'Love' section for more details.

Financially, 2016 couldn't look much better, and you can expect to grow from strength to strength as you reach a point of stability that allows you to feel more relaxed about activities and endeavors outside of work.

Your personal life will be jovial from the offset, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all empowering you in Capricorn by mid February, suggesting a sociable few months in which you will feel surrounded by people who you enjoy, as well as opportunities to meet a new partner.

In November, when Venus is in Sagittarius, you will have more worry on your mind, and you might feel restless and unstable. The likely cause will be planning a major event, or being involved in a dispute over property or money. You may also take a financial tumble, or experience a failure at the workplace when you thought everything was running smoothly.

You must keep your head cool at this time, and know that the Sun will bring you luck and prosperity on the 18th when it comes into Scorpio, and that Mars will make sure any disputes from the year are happily resolved when it enters Aquarius on the 12th December.

All in all you couldn't really ask for a more promising year in 2016 Pisces, so stay calm and focused and enjoy everything that is coming to you.