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Libra Love Horoscope 2016

Libra Health Horoscope 2016

Your general level of health this year is very good Libra, but may be disrupted by worries for other people.

In March the Sun is in Pisces, and brings a minor health warning that you could suffer from coughs and colds. At the same time you might find that you are recovering from a disease, and you will need to take some care to nurse yourself at this time.

If your partner's health does take a turn for the worse in April, then the worry that this causes you can detriment your health, and can definitely be a cause of any slump in your well being. You may also worry for your children at this time, as well as having to deal with pressures at work.

You need to take real care of your own mind and body, while looking after others. This will be tasking, but if you switch priority towards health, and make it your goal, you can make sure you are not badly affected, while also comforting your partner.

When Venus enters Gemini on 13th June it brings with it a much needed revitalization to your own health, as well as to your partners and loved ones. This will continue through the year, and can only be shunned by the mental tension that problems in your personal life can bring in September, when the Sun is in Virgo. Keep your head together, and you will be fine.

Your concerns for the health of those around you are greater than any for yourself, and can be the main cause of your stress and worry. Spend time looking after yourself, including relaxation, as well as looking after others.