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Gemini Finance Health Horoscope 2016

Gemini Finance Horoscope 2016

Although Venus' presence in Capricorn might suggest that business is not great for you during February, Mercury also enters Capricorn and brings with it the chance of an unexpected monetary gain, which could tide you over until your feet are back on the ground. Look out for opportunities to make money in an unusual way at this time.

When the Sun moves into Aries in mid-April, it will bring the possibility to get back on top of your finances. If you have been struggling with money earlier in the year, your concerns will be alleviated. This may require more hard work from you, but friends and colleagues will be in full support of your new found energy.

July in particular will be a great time to invest and to advance your career, or to find and enjoy a new or second income. Venus and the Sun are both in Cancer from the middle of the month, bringing a positive ray of light that will shine through you, giving you particularly powerful boost to your finances. Make sure you are flexible at this time, and take on new challenges that could potentially be lucrative, such as some freelance work, or a worthy investment.

You may experience obstacles again in August, due to Jupiter moving through Virgo. This can mean a knock to your finances, and you should be careful to save at this time. Cut back on your spending, reduce your investments, and play it safe. The time will come to move forward again soon.

After this slightly bumpy period you will return to a place where you feel good about your prospects, and your financial life. Mars emphasizes this at it moves into Sagittarius in mid-September, bringing with it more brilliant news for your money. If you have been sitting tight on your money recently, you can start to make profitable investments again.

Early in the year you might be worrying about your money situation, but you will start to make wise decisions that will bring you to a better place of financial comfort. There might also be some pleasant and surprising gains, and opportunities to invest in order to make a profit. Stay sharp!