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Capricorn Finance Horoscope 2016

Capricorn Finance Horoscope 2016

Financially, 2016 is looking like a problem free year for you, with no troubles outside of your ordinary scope, and plenty of opportunity to gain extra income and security from advancements in your career. If you are working hard at your job or business, then you should find that you can enjoy a steady financial life.

Mars transits Libra on the 22nd June, and this is a lucky time for you, and one in which your professional endeavors may have paid off enough for you to be considering a big purchase, such as a new vehicle. With Venus and the Sun both in Cancer in July, you can expect that your situation will be favorable enough that you should go ahead and make the purchase if you can afford it.

August is the best time for investment, and the time when you are most likely to see an increase in your income, due to the influence of Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus all in Virgo, bringing an extremely powerful monetary energy that should bring gain. You could make a profit from inheritance at this time, or make a worthy investment that will pay off.

At the end of the year you may be looking to make a dramatic change – Mars is in Aquarius, and asks you to make life changing decisions. If you are looking to move house then now could be the time to do it. Don't rule out the option of moving to a foreign country!