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2015 Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius

  • The year 2015 will be lucky for in terms of achieving your goals but the catch lies in the fact that you may bump into some good news which you had least expected right now. This could be an unexpected promotion at work, or a proposal coming right from the person for whom you've been dreaming. The credit goes to your hard work and strenuous efforts of the past, dear Aquarius. The month of January, in the new year will be lucky for lovers as Venus will be in your sign now. Year 2015 brings favourable time to develop love relationships, say AstroYogi astrologers. Your close friends and other loved ones may get a helping hand from you which may again strengthen the relationship. However, the effects of the same will not be very prominent as the Mercury Retrograde will be stronger. From this period, till February, the Mercury Retrograde will show its impact on all spheres of life. A detailed Year Ahead 2015 Reading can give you answers and help you easily sail through this difficult time. As this period ends, a beautiful time awaits you. In career front you may find new and better opportunities coming your way. Personal relationships also go fine during this time. You will enjoy the company of family and friends and will find ways to connect to them. The next retrograde will be in the month of May which will again bring in some challenges. The final Mercury Retrograde in September will bring an end to all the tough situations for the year. The first half of the year is a more favourable period for you, dear Aquarius. If a change of job is in your mind, go for it but it may require proper planning. AstroYogi astrologers mention that you will be done with all major goals and plans by the first six month of the year and may spend the rest of the time enjoying and relaxing. Your lucky days in this year will be Saturdays and Sundays. Make sure you don't miss out on this lucky time!

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