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Vvidhushekhor Pandey

Vvidhushekhor Pandey

Pt. Vvidhushekhor Pandey was born in 1947 and brought up in the spiritual atmosphere of Mathura and Vrindawan. He spent his childhood in a holy atmosphere and developed spiritual powers.
As an ardent devotee of Maa Kaali, he developed spiritually and guided people from every walks of life. In his experience of nearly 40 years he provided free of cost services to the needy. In the year 2002, he decided to take it as a profession on the request of his followers and disciples.
Not only is he an expert in the science of numerology, astrology, palmistry, physiognomy, graphology, gemology, psychoanalysis, and Japanese Numerology but also a genius in Vedas and Rudrakshas. He has been honoured with the title of 'Ved Vaachaspati'.
Whether it was 'India losing in the Cricket world cup' or 'Sonia Gandhi not becoming the P.M. ever in life' or 'BSE Sensex to cross 10,500 before May 2006', he has always been approached by leading newspapers for predictions.
He has been awarded the title of Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Ratnakar, Jyotish Nipun, Jyotish Praveen and numerous honorary titles.
He has guided thousands of people through Numerology and spiritual methods.
In the words of Pandit ji, "Every problem has a solution. If there is no solution then it means that the problem also does not exist".
He follows the spiritual methods and strongly opposes 'Tantra' because he believes that tantra has a negative after-effect, whereas mantra is equally powerful and has no negative repercussions.
The leading News papers have remarked, "His predictions are always accurate." And "He plays a number game."
In an interview of Pandit ji remarked, "Pandit ji not only diagnoses the problems through astrology, numerology and other astral sciences but also gives accurate predictions and remedies through his spiritual powers."
His client list includes celebrities from Bollywood, television industry like Shekhar Suman, Kumarr Gawrav, bureaucrats, top businessmen and along with the common masses. He predicted the name of hit serial "Carryy on Shekhar" and corrected the name of Shekhar Suman's First music album 'Kucchh Khwaab Aise.'
His clientele extends from Japan, Singapore, Australia to Dubai, Tanzania, Netherlands, U.K., Surinam, Tirinad & Tobago, Brazil and the U.S.A.
He says, "Success means - right guidance at the right time. And this is what I give my clients and followers. I do not teach them to walk, I just guide them the direction in which they must move..

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