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Seema Midha

Seema Midha

Dr.Seema midha is a renowned multitalented & multifaceted personality. She has traveled the world shaping the lives of millions through new age therapies: tarot, numbers, crystal ball, feng shui, color therapy, angel’s healing, reiki, pranic healing, creative meditation and much more.
She is world renowned for her par excellence achievement in the ‘TAROT WORLD’ and is aptly known as “QUEEN OF TAROT CARDS” .She is a member of the American tarot association.
She has many first‘s to her credit in the field of TAROT in India such as:
1. Tarot DVD “Enlightenment through tarot”
2. Mystical tarot deck 78 cards with book
3. Mystical tarot essentials
4. Tarot forecast 2009 (12 zodiac books)

She has added yet another jewel to her crown; her new book which is the first of its kind in the world “Mobile numbers can change your life”
She is a regular columnist and her predictions feature in various magazines such as Life Positive, Woman on Top, Punjab Kesri, Mystic India, Lifestyle Riviera. She has been invited as a guest on talk shows of popular TV channels.
India Tv-
1. Check Your Lucky Mobile Number
2. Salman ke Sitaare
3. Aath ka Aankda…Earthquake
4. Hrithik aur Shahrukh ka Navratan Lucky Bracelet

Lok Sabha TV –
1. Importance of Feng Shui for every house,
2. Role of Tarot card reading and Numerology as a motivation in life,
Total TV –
1. Tarot Raashi Phal 2008
S1 TV-
1. Seemas TAROT help line. (30 episodes live one hour show)
DD National –
1. Diwali Special (Festival Special),
2. Music Therapy (Alternative Healing)
3. Color Therapy (Alternative Healing)
Dr.Seema has conducted many workshops, TV shows, radio shows and given countless consultations. Seema’s professional competence, charm & confidence rub on to her clients so well that time and again they reach out to her in times of crisis.

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