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Acharya Sai Suvajit Jee
Vedic Astrology
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Acharya Sai Suvajit Jee

Hailing from a Brahmin family line of North-East India, Sai Suvajit Acharjee has more than 10 years of experience and his family has been practicing astrology from last 3 generations. He holds an Engineering Degree from NIST. Sai Suvajit's spiritual practice from childhood, started learning astrology and palmistry from the age of 9. He has pursued and still researching in various fields of astrology. During his practice of Astrology and Palmistry, which extends beyond a decade, he has received three times Gold medals and several other accolades for the accuracy and quality of his predictions. He has published his work on Vedic Astrology and believes that his knowledge in science has helped him understand problems and provide very practical remedies to his clients. He solved critical problems in terms of marriage, love affairs, health issues, business, career, child birth problem, etc. with all analysis and reports done manually. His clients are from several parts of India as well as abroad. He has made accurate predictions on most of the occasions. In the last 10 years, Sai Suvajit has done thousands of horoscope consultations and have been successful in solving his clients’ issues.

Time Availability : 9am-2pm, 3-11:30pm, 11:45pm-4am

Language : Hindi,English,Assamese,Bengali,Oriya

Location : Bengaluru

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  By Mainak Majumdar 30 Sep 2016

Suvajit Jee is Very positive and gives patient hearing. Will wait to see if his predictions comes true. Liked the way he spoke with confidence.

  By Barun 04 Feb 2017

Got slept in between call

  By Rajeev Masawan 30 Jan 2017

very accurate and to the point

  By Rahul 25 Jan 2017

optimistic, precise to the point approach. Highly Recommended

  By Jhilik Sen 06 Jan 2017

Honest and helpful

  By vibhuti paul 04 Jan 2017

good and scientific

  By SUPRATIM BASU 30 Dec 2016

very good analyse properly supratim

  By abhijeet 28 Dec 2016

to the point

  By Sulagna Bishoi 20 Dec 2016

To the point, honest..

  By Sandeep Misra 18 Dec 2016

Great astrologer very accurate prediction helped me a lot worthy mind blowing

  By Shubhra Sharma 06 Dec 2016

  By 03 Dec 2016

  By Ankita Kapadia 02 Dec 2016

  By shishir saxena 30 Nov 2016

  By Yogesh Kumar 08 Oct 2016

I didnt got the answer which I was looking for.

  By Sanjana Prakash 20 Nov 2016

Very good astrologer...

  By ASHISH KUMAR 19 Nov 2016

thank you. was really nice talking to you. was detailed in explanation.

  By Sandeep Misra 13 Nov 2016

Very good

  By bikas ranjan panda 06 Oct 2016

  By Ashwini Thakur 08 Oct 2016

  By suman 25 Sep 2016

  By Sandeep Misra 01 Nov 2016

Great experience

  By Shweta 15 Oct 2016

Very good

  By Kanishk Gautam 10 Oct 2016

great prediction!!!

  By Sswati 05 Oct 2016


  By dipika yadav 28 Sep 2016

It was great help, from your end. Let me just follow what you told me and I'll get back to you after that. Thanks for all your help.

  By dipika yadav 28 Sep 2016

Great help.

  By Nishant Mehta 28 Sep 2016

Very good judgement, Thanks..

  By priyanshi sahu 29 Sep 2016


  By Sandeep Misra 24 Sep 2016

Great prediction

  By Sandeep Misra 26 Sep 2016


  By namrata 22 Sep 2016