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Money Back Guarantee
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Verified Expert Astrologers
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Pt Shiv Dutt Dave
Vedic Astrology
Offline ₹ 60.00 Per Min

Pt Shiv Dutt Dave

Pt. Shiv Dutt Dave is a very highly qualified astrologer having more than 90000 happy & satisfied clients all over the world. “I was in a very good corporate position but was still not satisfied as I was looking for eternal satisfaction. I was bothered by thoughts of why some people are born poor and some rich, some are blessed with good looks while others are not and two people with the same qualification; one will be successful but the other one is not?” So many questions but nobody had an answer. With this quest I started my research and after studying astrology from the finest gurus in India and abroad, I found my answers. I thought God’s science is bigger than these scientific things present. My research is never ending. With my dedication and by God’s grace most of my predictions have come true.

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  By SUPRATIM  BASU Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I hv a horrible experience he unnecessarily made me lose RS80

  By Sourav  Nath Friday, May 13, 2016

He is just awesome. He scolded me as I did not do the remedies he said last time. But, It shows that he is very caring . I am happy with he consultation . He really analyzes your chart thoroughly and come up with solution.I promised him to do the remedies by this month and I will definitely get back to him. However, He may waste your 3-4 mins saying to call you later and it may waste some money.

  By Shidutt  Dave Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Most Devoted & sincere Astrologer

  By Shidutt  Dave Wednesday, April 20, 2016

astrologer shivdutt dave is most genuine