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Dr. Sumiit Messhram

Numerology, Vedic Astrology

Dr. Sumiit Messhram
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  • LanguageEnglish, Hindi, Marathi
  • Location Nagpur

Dr. Sumiit Messhram is a physiotherapist by profession however has a keen interest in numerology and astrology. He developed  a keen interest in this field since childhood and started predicting accurately at young age. He is an expert in predictions related marriages , politics , elections , business and other areas of life. Being a medical professional, Dr. Sumiit Messhram’s techniques of prediction is entirely different from other Numerologists, it is more align to scientific calculations. He calculates the numbers of birth chart that affect one’s life. Just like patients history in medical science, he calculates the impact of number from your past and on that basis he predict upcoming events and future . His approach is completely scientific and hence his predictions are very reasonable and logical.

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