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Dr Krishnendu Chakraborty
Vedic Astrology
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Dr Krishnendu Chakraborty

Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty(Gold Medalist) M.A.-M.Phil.-Ph.D. (Astrology) Jyotish Bharati, Jyotish Shastri, Jyotish Acharya,Jyotish Vidya-Bachaspati, Jyotish Vidya-Baridhi, Jyotish Mahasagar, Viswa Jyotish Vidyarnabha Raj Jyotish, M.A.R.P.(Kol.) Winner of 'Jyotish Digvijayi' and 'J'ames Ivan'(London) Award. Reg. No. ARP/PA/534/98 Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty is an experienced astrologer having proficiency in traditional astrology and palmistry. He has learnt(M.A.-M.Phil.-Ph.D.) astrology from International University of Astrological Science. He is practicing astrology from 1995 AD. He has made many successful predictions on individual nativities.He employs a composite method of prediction taking Vedic astrology. He also prescribes remedial measures in the form of Gemstones,puja and yogya after deep and thorough analysis of horoscopes to help ward off sufferings of his clients so that they can usher in a dawn of new hope of peace and prosperity. He has rendered valuable service to hundreds of people so far and has a world wide clientele.

Time Availability : 3:30 pm to 6 pm

Language : Hindi,English,Bengali

Location : Kolkata

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  By Soumya 09 Oct 2017

He is very good astrologer. In my life whatever he predicted, all has come true in my life. He is a very simple and honest man.Highly recommended.

  By Bhanu PrakashG 27 Oct 2017

Very good and got the clear predictions, helpful

  By Rakesh 09 Oct 2017

Very good and honest, sincere,friendly behavior and helpful.

  By Rakesh 10 Jul 2017

Now-a-days it is very difficult to find out an honest and qualified astrologer. Dr. Krishnendu is such a man to whom anyone can trust blindly. He has very good knowledge in astrology. I got very much good effect from his prediction. He also gives quality gems stones in much cheaper price than market.

  By Rahul 15 Feb 2017

Apt, Honest, COrrect predictions. Rational, logical approach. Highly recommended. Very positive experience

  By Rahul 15 Feb 2017

correct predictions. Highly recommended.

  By Debanjan 09 Nov 2016

Dr.Krishnendu is a good astrologer. He is not like so called astrologers who create panic. He is very straight forward and tells the real fact, then advice the remedies.

  By Rupanjana 22 Oct 2016

Dr. Krishnendu is very honest man and he predicts very clearly. I consult with him in every serious step of my life and get benefited. His charges is negotiable in respect of his quality and he also has given me some certified gemstone in much lower price than market.

  By Abhijit Dutta 29 Oct 2016

Dr.Chakraborty has good skill in astrology. His forecasts are very good.

  By R.K. Gupta 15 Oct 2016

He is very good astrologer. I have got very good effect by following his instructions and taking the remedies which he prescribed. He is a very good man too.

  By Rohan Sharma 15 Oct 2016

I met Dr. Krishnendu in 2008. From then I always follow his words. His 99% prediction has come true in my life and got benefit from his remedies. He is not only an astrologer, he is also a good man, friend and philosopher.

  By Debjani Chakraborty 12 Oct 2016

Dr.Krishnendu is my family astrologer. He has made many successful predictions for us and we always follow his instructions and getting benefit.

  By R Chakraborty 11 Oct 2016

Dr.Krishnendu is a very good and experienced astrologer. His prediction is cent percent correct.

  By Nilanjan 09 Oct 2016

Dr Chakraborty has good skills in predictions ...