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Acharya Rashmi Sharma
Vedic Astrology & Prashna Kundali
Offline ₹ 40 Per Min

Acharya Rashmi Sharma

Acharya Rashmi Sharma is a well known Vedic and Prashna Kundali Astrologer for almost 20 years now. After doing her post graduation in Psychology, she did her Acharyaship from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi under the guidance of Shri K. N. Rao and obtained a silver medal. Thereafter she pursued research in various fields of astrology. She has also mastered the skills of numerology and palmistry. She has excelled in various fields of astrology viz...marriage and childbirth related issues, match-making, health, jobs and career, education, business and monetary aspects of day to day life. Her clients have immensely benefitted from her predictions and suggestions.

Time Availability : 8 am to 2 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Bengaluru

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  By 12 Nov 2017

very good

  By Bijal Porecha 13 Nov 2017

Thank you relate to my questions so well and guide me so genuinely...god bless

  By Srilatha 13 Nov 2017

Good knowledge and explanation is clear and positive.


  By Tanaya Mangle 05 Nov 2017

Precise predictions. Very helpful

  By Poojasharma 30 Sep 2017

Vry nice...

  By Biswajyoti Das 06 Oct 2017

Good astrologer.

  By Biswajyoti Das 06 Oct 2017

Good astrologer.

  By 14 Oct 2017

  By 31 Oct 2017

  By Vandhana 29 Oct 2017

  By Rajat 29 Oct 2017

She is good without any doubt. Quick with good knowledge..

  By 30 Oct 2017

  By Rajat 29 Oct 2017

She is good without any doubt. Quick with good knowledge..

  By SURAJIT BARUAH 23 Oct 2017

I am obliged to talk with Rashmi Mam. She has vast knowledge about astrology. She explains in a very simple language that everybody can understand. Hope her prediction come true for me too. Thanks a lot Rashmi Mam.

  By Rajdeep Mishra 25 Oct 2017

  By madhu 25 Oct 2017


  By Abhinav Johri 27 Oct 2017

Rashmi Sharma is by far the best I have experienced amongst all at Astroyogi. Her readings of cause & effect of planetary movements on ones life are accurate. I recommend the most.

  By kamlesh 27 Oct 2017

  By neha grover 28 Oct 2017

Extremely confident, quick in her response and clear with the logic of predictions. Best astrologer in Astroyogi so far, with others i had a very bad experience. She is very genuine and i love talking to her as she guides me with so much Positivity!!

  By Jaideep 23 Oct 2017

  By 08 Oct 2017

The best astrologer in Astroyogi so far.a Has been a comforting presence in our life.

  By 07 Sep 2017

Details with so much clarity which clearly shows her extensive knowledge in the subject. Very logical & her predictions are also accurate. Very much recommended. Will take her advice in future too. Thank You.

  By Bijal Porecha 12 Sep 2017

Very good session ....once she understands your questions....she is fast in replying...very helpful and witty answers from her ...thank you very much

  By Saurabh 05 Sep 2017

Very precise and accurate. It was a good experience.

  By Bijal Porecha 02 Sep 2017

Very informative and precise..thank you

  By 17 Aug 2017

Very clear and precise in her readings.In short, amazing!

  By 28 Jul 2017

Amazing.I have been in touch with her for about a year.She was the first person I contacted and has been my go-to person every single time.

  By Yolanda Henriques 26 Jul 2017

Very clear thoughts and precise

  By Bikramjit Sinha 22 Jul 2017


  By Bikramjit Sinha 22 Jul 2017

Excellent prediction.

  By 21 Jul 2017

Very detailed and accurate explanation

  By Mohit Joshi 18 Jul 2017

Very helpful and accurate ...

  By 02 Jun 2017

I have been in touch with her for all my problems and every single time she has given.good advice and.acxurate predictions.

  By rajan 29 May 2017


  By Subrata Sharma 10 May 2017

Extremely confident, quick and clear! I could connect with her well and felt strengthened.

  By Subrata Sharma 11 May 2017

Rashmiji is honest, confident and pecise. I could connect with her very well and felt positive after discussing with her. Subrata

  By Jaydeep joshi 05 May 2017

She is very good astrologer she is accurate all the time

  By Jaydeep Joshi 04 May 2017

She is the best astrologer of astroyogi

  By . . 28 Apr 2017


  By Shree raja 28 Apr 2017

Very honest predictions and one of the best astrologist

  By 30 Mar 2017

Acharya Rashmi Sharma is very quick ,knowledgable and having good communication skill

  By . . 02 Apr 2017


  By 02 Apr 2017

Great , very knowledgable ,Astrologer .

  By Ravi Kumar Chillarigi 04 Apr 2017

She is very good astrologer and she listens clearly and explains very well.

  By Debaprasad Dutta 15 Mar 2017

Excellent clarification

  By Jaydeep joshi 07 Mar 2017

I can say she is one of the best astrologer I have talked to so far. She is the best. Had a great experience talking with her. She has good astrological knowledge

  By Ravishanker N 26 Feb 2017

Knowledgeable and quick

  By Shree raja 26 Feb 2017

Again very clear,genuine and best predictions-builds trust in astrology -highly recommend

  By Vineet Walia 25 Feb 2017

I spoke to Acharya Rashmi for first time.....Found her very precise & genuine.

  By Arka Mandal 25 Feb 2017

Rashmi Ji is very knowledgeable, experienced and motivating. She provides clear, honest and to the point suggestions. I am suffering from some chronic health issues from a long time and after discussing with her today, I felt much inspired and motivated. I hope to get quick results following her advise and blessings. I was also been guided immensely on my relationship, career and planning my life

  By Shree raja 09 Feb 2017

Very apt, to the point, honest. To me it looks like she is blessed with good knowledge with a human touch . I haven't seen such a clear explanations in astrologers - I can plan my life with her advise. God bless you madam .

  By Rajesh jain 09 Feb 2017

Very motivating and amazing

  By Rohit Kumar Singh 22 Jan 2017

Right report....

  By Rohit Kumar Singh 23 Jan 2017


  By Rajesh jain 07 Jan 2017

Very postive and lovely experience .., will talk again

  By Sandeep Srivastava 09 Jan 2017

She is awesome. very accurate and doesn't wastes time.

  By pmathur 02 Jan 2017

very accurate predictions.I have talked to many astrologers on this portal but i found her the best.She has very good knowledge and a positive attitude.

  By Nitesh Kumar 27 Dec 2016

Excellent predictions! Happy with the consultation. I'll talk to Acharya Ji again if I need any further guidance.

  By digvijay singh chauhan 15 Dec 2016

provide accurate prediction,and very positive guidance .

  By 09 Dec 2016

Very dedicated and consistent with queries.

  By Chirag Madan 30 Nov 2016


  By mohan 08 Nov 2016

first time i have ever seen such a quality predictions by analyzing various charts of kundali.

  By 31 Oct 2016


  By 20 Oct 2016

Always a pleasant experience

  By Amardeep Kumar 18 Oct 2016

Great experience! Very honest and knowledgeable.

  By 02 Oct 2016

Her predictions and help are much appriciated for being on point.

  By 17 Sep 2016

Amazing experience.Her predictions were very true in my case.

  By Sandeep Misra 12 Sep 2016

Great astrologer

  By Ahliya Riasat 05 Sep 2016

Nice pleasant upfront predictions and correct to the point

  By Annamma Renu 03 Sep 2016

Precise and clear explaining the answers to my questions.

  By 31 Aug 2016

Very understanding to my problems and gave a quick reply.Looking forward to talking again!

  By ashwini vashisht 29 Aug 2016

accurate and insightful

  By Divya 25 Aug 2016

She is good, to the point and also advices on what is right.

  By Nishant Pagare 16 Aug 2016

She is very very good i recommend to others.

  By Nishant Pagare 16 Aug 2016

She is very best her prediction is very good and up to the point i prefer her for others. I was in doubt whom to connect but i took a chance and it was awesome. She guided me very well and told me the real facts i was amazed after knowing that.

  By Amardeep Kumar 22 Jun 2016

Honest and sincere guidance. Positive and pleasant experience.

  By Neha Jairath 17 Jun 2016

Awesome is one word in which I can describe her. She is so grounded and I simply love the way she gives solution to problems. Thanks. God bless her.

  By CR Lakshmi 11 May 2016

She speaks to the point. Generally astrologers instill fear in people, she build confidence and positivity


Really good. Cleared all my doubts

  By Amardeep Kumar 18 Mar 2016

Very Knowledgeable and sincere. I will be in touch with her again in future.

  By Ragini Tyagi 18 Mar 2016

Very accurate

  By Dev Ashish Saxena 12 Mar 2016

Clear and crisp prediction

  By Ragini Tyagi 09 Mar 2016

Very accurate reading

  By Kuldeep jaiswal 09 Feb 2016

Excellent to the point discussion. I felt that she's very good guide in his knowledge and she is also positive lady and once again thanks for right ways.

  By Mainak Majumdar 04 Dec 2015

Excellent. I am happy with her predictions. She is very positive.

  By Subramanian Jayaraman 30 Oct 2015

Excellent ***** Very quick and straight forward to my questions

  By Ajay Dayal 14 Sep 2015

Rashmiji is very experienced her ability to cross check important details in ones Kundli is very unique and demonstrates her experience in astrology. I am glad that I choose her to talk and discuss my problem. Thanks