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Acharya Pramod Shastri
Vedic Astrology
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Acharya Pramod Shastri

ACHARYA PRAMOD SHASHTRI hails from a Brahmin family. Although he was a student of Sanskrit his interest lies in spiritualism, occult science, astrology, and other religions since childhood. He started learning astrology at a very young age of seventeen and eventually he took a professional course in astrology. During this course of time he also learned Reiki, Spiritual & Holistic healing and Naturopathy & Yoga. He also has command over predictive accuracy in almost every topic like Health, Finance, Relationship, Property, Education, Love, Marriage, Compatibility, Progeny, Career and Birth time certification. With the use of Parashara and Jaimini System of astrology he is able to predict events in life. No only this he also has an expertise on Annual (Varsh-Kundali) and Horary (Prasna), a technique used when an individual’s birth chart is not available and the answer to a specific question is required.

Time Availability : 10 am to 2pm, 5pm to 10pm

Language : Hindi

Location : Ayodhya

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  By sanjay sablok 13 May 2017

good knowledge, nice explanations and remedies.

  By . . 05 May 2017

Acharya ji is very accurate in his readings.. Very honest and straightforward..He gives detailed report..A nice healer too..Highly recommended...

  By nootan 26 Mar 2017

was not interested in talking at all.

  By Kriti 11 Apr 2017

He is very arrogant and gets stuck on a point without discussing the positive aspect of things

  By Nitu 12 Apr 2017

(By neetu) Accurate prediction. Talking to him was good and helpful.

  By 11 Apr 2017

100% satisfying experience

  By ashish 16 Apr 2017


  By Gajanan Kamat 16 Apr 2017

Very good experience! Very nice prediction by Acharyaji and suggested good remedies! Felt great and motivated after talking!

  By Gajanan Kamat 16 Apr 2017

very positive, highly motivating. and accurate prediction.

  By . . 13 Apr 2017


  By bhavita singh 11 Apr 2017

He is very positive and gives good advice in handling adverse situations.

  By ashish 05 Apr 2017


  By Richa Popli Sandilaya 23 Mar 2017

I had a very positive experience. He will give very précised answers and will not demotivate. His predictions were true. Felt good after talking to him.

  By Rahul 20 Mar 2017

very apt, honest and positive experience

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 18 Mar 2017

Very helpful and straight forward advice

  By digvijay singh chauhan 18 Mar 2017

very positive approach and knowledgeable advice

  By Barun 07 Mar 2017

Very helpful

  By Sil 05 Mar 2017

Very good.

  By digvijay singh chauhan 15 Dec 2016

very good

  By Aayushmaan Gauba 09 Dec 2016

Very good and straight forward

  By sushil kumar mishra 08 Dec 2016

direct guy; knows his subject.

  By Priyanka 26 Nov 2016

Waste of time and money

  By nitin verma 27 Nov 2016

Amazingly accurate & very precise

  By Neha Tankha 27 Nov 2016

very bad and he takes unnecessary time of explain things which are not even relevant or asked. My question remain unanswered. Not happy

  By Aman Khanna 28 Nov 2016


  By Ankita M 24 Nov 2016

  By priyanshi sahu 20 Nov 2016

His prediction is very accurate..satisfied

  By priyanshi sahu 20 Nov 2016

His prediction is very accurate....satisfied

  By priyanshi sahu 21 Nov 2016


  By Amreen Kaur 04 Nov 2016

Very good prediction. Pretty deep and very straight forward.

  By nitin verma 12 Oct 2016

Straight talker

  By Rohitash Mehta 31 May 2016

Very learned.

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 02 Mar 2016

Good predictions.

  By Shikha 13 Dec 2015

Very bad....