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Acharya Amriteshwar
Vedic Astrology & Chakra Astrology Expert
Offline ₹ 50 Per Min

Acharya Amriteshwar

AMRITESHWAR ANAND JI has been practicing Astrology and Sadhna for over 25 years now which he has learnt from great gurus in the Guru Shishya Parampara. He gained knowledge in mantra vigyan, yantra vigyan, and science of energy urja vigyan at a very young age of 38 with sheer devotion in the lotus feet of the saints. He started his journey at a very young age of 7 when SIDHGURU SWAMI MAHAMANAV MRITUANJAI PREMANAND SARASWATI JI gave shakti paat diksha. From then onwards he has also been practicing Mantra Vigyan (Science of Mantras) in the kind guidance of his GURUS only and has by their divine grace witnessed mystic experiences as well. Over years, Amriteshwar ji has performed worships (sadhanas) of Dus Maha Vidhya and greart Divine Mother ‘MAA BAGLAMUKHI SADHNA’ in particular. Guruji is also a Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya, bestowed with healing capabilities by his GURU.

Time Availability : 10am to 6 pm

Language : Hindi

Location : Delhi

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  By Anmol Nayar 04 Nov 2017


  By 08 Nov 2017

  By Dinesh Kumar Biyai 15 Nov 2017

  By y singh 04 Dec 2017

  By UPASNA SINHA 01 Nov 2017

good clear precise answers

  By Himani 06 Sep 2017


  By Seeker 10 Sep 2017


  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 03 Sep 2017


  By Shailendra 13 Aug 2017


  By ARITRA DAS 18 Aug 2017

Brilliant. To the point answers. Remedies are also provided. Was a great help.

  By Jagdish Bijlani 01 Aug 2017


  By Abhishek 02 Aug 2017

Precise and too the point. Did not take a long time to explain things. Good advise.

  By Abhishek 07 Aug 2017

Precise and to th point discussion. Experienced astrologer

  By Vinayak Supekar 04 Aug 2017

Amazing capacity to read the stars.

  By Vinayak Supekar 03 Aug 2017

Very clear and candid advice. Will definitely recommend to others.

  By balaji 31 Jul 2017

explanation is good

  By ANIL KUMAR 22 Jul 2017

A well experienced astrologer.

  By Mohammed Ashar Raoof 20 Jul 2017

Straight forward and very helpful. Accurate and precise reading. AAA+++ Recommended

  By Pooja 21 Jul 2017

Thankyou for to the point advise. Good.

  By Amit Sahai 21 Jul 2017

Crisp, accurate and straightforward. Not only did he analyse from his side but also gave practical advice.

  By aqib bashir 20 Jul 2017

To the point and straightforward. Didn't sugarcoated anything. Impressed

  By Bikramjit Sinha 18 Jul 2017


  By Arun Shetty 17 Jul 2017

awesome insight!!!

  By Baishaki Dutta 07 Jul 2017

Patiently listened to my concern and advised accordingly.

  By ANIL KUMAR 02 Jul 2017

Excellent.Broad knowledge in his field.

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 25 Jun 2017

Very happy and satisfied after communicating with Acharya Ji.

  By neha sharma 23 Jun 2017

Very clear and explanatory in response.Acharya ji thoroughly listened to my problems and provided solutions that are easy to implement and gives immediate benefit.

  By Santosh Sudhir Kulkarni 23 Jun 2017

Very good knowledge .Guruji has given us correct guidance for our problem

  By Neeraj 17 Jun 2017

Very helpful.. Explanation in details. Satisfied

  By Kumar Abhishek 30 May 2017

Good analysis and suggestions..

  By anuradha 10 Jun 2017

Very Good astrologer.Clear and accurate details provided.He even provided me pooja remedies for my family life problem.

  By sanjay sablok 20 May 2017

Nice to speak to him, clear & easy to do solution.

  By Anand Gaikwad 03 May 2017

It was really a splendid experience talking to Acharya Amriteshwarji.

  By RAJUL KAUSHIK 18 May 2017

I found Acharya Amriteshwar Ji well versed and knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. I found him confident, precise and solution oriented. Money well spent. Do not hesitate to consult him.

  By sandeep 07 Jan 2017

I am greatly thankful to Acharya Amriteshwar ji. His predictions so far every time is been very accurate and remedies helped a lot in achieving relief.

  By Sumeshwar Mishra 22 Apr 2017

Very accurate and detailed prediction

  By Kumar Abhishek 22 Apr 2017


  By NUpur Shah 21 Apr 2017


  By anupam gadekar 21 Apr 2017

Nice talking to him. Tells you in details and also comes up with remedies.

  By Amit Gautam 21 Apr 2017

Very good and accurate predictions. Really useful.

  By Srijan 25 Mar 2017

Nice experience..Suggested remedies with predictions

  By Gaurav Sharma 26 Mar 2017

Really learned and very thorough.

  By Sandeep 24 Mar 2017

Excellent!! Felt very positive after talking to Acharya Ji! Jai Shri Hanuman!!

  By Ravi 24 Mar 2017

Excellent reading

  By indu 01 Apr 2017

Very positive person to talk to. Straight and to the point. Will definitely recommend him.

  By Swati 09 Apr 2017

Very accurate

  By Lal Bharwaney 27 Mar 2017


  By 22 Mar 2017

Thank you for your good reading and suggestions.

  By Sumeshwar Mishra 21 Mar 2017

Very nice

  By Rahul 08 Mar 2017

correct predictions

  By . . 07 Mar 2017

Very nice...

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 05 Mar 2017

very good analysis by acharya ji!

  By prateek jain 24 Feb 2017


  By Milan Chatterjee 20 Feb 2017

Very good and accurate reading.

  By harb 15 Feb 2017

It was good

  By Rajan Thakur 13 Feb 2017

brief and to the point.

  By Rahul 28 Jan 2017

apt,honest and precise

  By Arunsandeep Petakamsetti 17 Jan 2017


  By Gajanan Kamat 18 Jan 2017

It was good!

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 22 Dec 2016

It was good talk with acharya ji

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 22 Dec 2016

It was good talk with acharya ji

  By 16 Dec 2016

Straight to the point and provided his insight and ways into the issues. Great Help. Thank you

  By Ashwini Thakur 08 Oct 2016

  By Sarah Ahmed 03 Nov 2016

it was good.

  By 23 Oct 2016

his experience can be observed nice to talk with you motivated me

  By Sonam Reen 22 Oct 2016

Satisfied on readings

  By suman 30 Sep 2016

  By harish subramanian 26 Oct 2016

Nice and Pleasant

  By Rohit Kumar Singh 09 Oct 2016

Very focused on problems.

  By Nishant Mehta 13 Aug 2016


  By Nishant Mehta 18 Jun 2016

I think he has very good command over the vedic astrology, he told many things acurately, Thanks

  By Sandeep Gupta 30 Apr 2016

Mr. Acharaya is very focused on the problems and potential solutions of his clients.

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 28 Mar 2016

Very satisfied.

  By Nishant Mehta 16 Mar 2016

Good Knowledge on Astro Science,i felt his advise worked for me.

  By Ajay Jaiswal 13 Mar 2016

Accurate reading and perfect Advise

  By Gaurav Sharma 22 Feb 2016

Thanks for Guiding me about the Career.

  By Summit Malhan 22 Feb 2016

Straight to the point and provide the accurate prediction.

  By pooja gandhi 06 Feb 2016


  By Jay 14 Jan 2016


  By Puja Paul 07 Jan 2016


  By Animesh 14 Dec 2015

Good session with acharya jee

  By deepshikha 07 Dec 2015

Thanks for guiding me with my problems. It is really appreciating.

  By Ashish Pushkarna 10 Dec 2015

It was really nice.