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Leo Career

Leo Professional

You are known to bring warmth and excitement to your workplace combined with a splash of drama. Ruled by the Sun, you are an asset of any organization. Proud and loyal, there’s no question just like the King of the Jungle, you are in charge of your career. Definitely not suited for any other job other than white collared establishments. These kind of a career path will call upon your skills as a manager or a leader. You need to be in a profession where you are allowed to express yourselves in a way that you can show your talent. Even though you are artistic, honest and creative, there will be times when you are full of contradictions which can also make you restless. Otherwise, Leo’s are known to have the ability to readily take up any job or task and execute it with perfection. There’s one side to you where you will work hard to go through in order to achieve something. A career in military, dentistry, chemists, doctors will be rewarding for you.

You will find yourself heading in the right career track from a very young age. This is because Leo’s have a penchant to lead a comfortable lifestyle and you will manage to earn enough to fulfill your needs.

But on the flip side, there’s the dominating and dynamic nature to you which does not allow anyone to dictate you. For a self-made person like this, you do well in jobs related to power and authority. Diplomats, politicians, ministers, investment bankers, drama directors, motivational trainer etc. Basically any career where you can champion people or a cause is right for you. You are great performers and orators who oozes charm and love to interact with people.

By any means, you should never indulge yourself in gambling. These kind activities might not prove to be lucky for you. You will be an inspiration for your co-workers as you are amazingly artistic and a powerhouse of enthusiasm. But many of you may also choose to stay in low paying jobs just to feel ‘wanted’ because to be adored and admired is important for you. This can be a negative aspect in your career and it is very important you make sure you get what you’re worth for!! Your sign represents ‘the Lion’ and you were born to command, lead and communicate in a majestic way.