Capricorn Teen Capricorn Teen

Capricorn Teen

Boy :The Capricorn lad will rarely find any leisure since he will be busy chalking out future plans. Serious by nature, he has no time for flippant socialising and has his mind on more important matters. Of course he doesn't want to be rude, but his passion for getting things done often makes him a little bossy. In his leisure time the Capricorn boy loves to indulge in competition, especially in sports, and he finds it very difficult to cope with defeat. For that he needs the support of his compatriots. One-to-one competition also appeals to him. Practical and reliable, he can be trusted with any new responsibility. At the end of the day, a Capricorn boy likes to be surrounded by the spoils of his success. He has been striving for it all through the day. Someday his toils will pay off and he will rule the world.

Girl :This young lady is both studious and diligent; she doesn't see much beyond work. She will figure at the top of her class, and that's just the first step for someone as ambitious as her. She is generally friendly, a trait which helps her to achieve her goals, but she'll need a lot of external support to prevent her from taking life too seriously. Conservative by nature, the Capricorn lass is realistic. Her cautious approach to life does not allow her to be a daredevil. Her exceptional organisational skills help her to tide over most crises and attain her goals.


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