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Capricorn Career

Capricorn Professional

The most charming quality of a Capricorn is you try your best to do your duties no matter what the circumstances are. This could also mean at times giving up family joys for a better position in your career and sometimes it may just be the opposite, meaning letting go of better career opportunities in order to be a support for your family.

You can do well extremely well in business. It is unlikely that you will take any rash decisions because of your sincere and hardworking nature. Your definition of ‘ambitious’ is somewhat different from the rest of the world. Even if you don’t have your own career, you are ambitious in the sense, you make sure your spouse climbs the ladder to success. Competitions don’t thrill you much. You work at your own comfortable pace and deliver only the best according to your capability. Some of you may even have the temptation to go to the extremes and choose unfair means or take decisions that you might regret later.

A career in agriculture, politics, surveying and academics will interest you. Unfortunately you are not lucky enough that money will come to you as an unexpected windfall. You always need to work hard to reap the benefits. However, you will settle down comfortably before you hit your 50’s. Capricorns are known to possess a different kind of talent which may not be related to their line of work, it is important that you do not ignore these qualities and take it up more than just a hobby too.

You will also do well in a career path related to the government and geology. Whatever career path you choose, you have the capability to make it to the top position and be in perfect harmony with the demands of an organization. You can do so because you are practical, disciplined and not insecure to be in control and take tough decisions on your sub ordinates without any problem.

The only hurdle that you might face in your career is you might tend to get too predictable and follow text book method at work. Use your imagination, any kind of job in every field requires some level of imagination.