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Cancer Health

You normally do not like to engage in too much of physical activity.You would rather spend time lying around at home,reading a good book, snacking on a lot of chocolates and sweets, while this means that you have no problem relaxing, it also means that you have a tendency to overeat, especially fatty foods.You are often struggling to control your weight. To get around the problem, you will have to radically alter your eating habits. Lots of fresh fruits will appease your craving for sweets, while fresh vegetables and salads could replace less nutritious snacks. A low fat, high protein and vitamin-rich diet will have to form the basis of your diet.Last but certainly not the least, you will need to find some time for exercising. As you enjoy spending time with your family, you could try involving them in your exercise regimen, it will add an element of fun and you will have the added benefit of getting the exercise you need. You are prone to illnesses of the stomach and heart.You may also suffer bouts of melancholia. Therefore,you must also take care not to fall back on alcohol in your times of stress, as alcoholism is a great danger in your case.