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Aries Health

You are always on the move and don't have the time to eat sensibly.Your eating habits mirror your busy lifestyle:lots of starches and fats, not enough of proteins,vegetables and fresh fruits. You drive yourself very hard, always striving to reach the top, often landing yourself in stressful situations, resulting in related disorders: heart disease and stomach ailments. You are advised to set aside some time for eating nutritious, balanced meals at the right hour. Increase your intake of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetable. Limit your intake of white breads, carbohydrates and fatty or processed foods.Caffeine should be avoided, as it only increases stress levels in the body. Include some form of exercise, however light, in your daily routine.A nice, relaxing, after-dinner walk can make a big difference. While exercising, don't push yourself too hard. You also have the tendency to injure yourself, so do be careful. Although not overly tall, you are set apart by your bone structure that is squarish, giving the impression of a strong build. Most of you you have well-developed muscles and very regular facial features. Aries tend to have even, white teeth. Although you are as strong as the ram that represents you, be careful with what you eat and exercise regularly if you don't want to put on weight around the middle, which most of you do. You are most vulnerable around the head, eyes and face. You are prone to headaches and should definitely take utmost precaution against head-injuries and accidents caused by fire.