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Aquarius Health

Though, members of this sign are prone to infections, most suffer from poor circulation, sore throats and, cramps in the lower limbs. Unless they catch the sport bug at an early age, most Aquarians have to be pushed to take some sort of exercise; brisk walks and cycling are good ways for Aquarians to keep fit. As you like traveling, you generally have no trouble relaxing, especially when given a good book to read, although you'll never be a couch potato a little extra effort would not go amiss. High cheekbones or a finely chiseled profile are the most prominent facial features of Aquarians. You carry yourself with considerable grace, possessing a smile that can disarm anyone and you use it to such good effect on those around you. Most of you have healthy childhoods barring the unusual or weird and although you develop a good constitution as you grow up, some areas of your body, like the throat, lungs, heart, the nervous system, calves and ankles remain vulnerable. So, lots of fresh air, exercise and a good nights sleep will not go amiss.