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Astro Vishal

Astro Vishal


Vedic Astrology, Numerology

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About Me

Astro Vishal is a renowned astrologer who was inclined towards Jyotish Shastra at the tender age of 10 years while going through a tough time in life. He began his astrology learning as an interest that later developed as a passion and he got rigorously involved in learning various shastras, astrological texts and Indian mythology.  He has a profound knowledge of mantras and tantras and he provides remedies by analysing the afflicted planets and houses in the kundali charts of a person. He is well-versed in Parashara and Bhrigu system of astrology as well.  He feels that his gurus have highly contributed to make him a good astrologer. He holds the ability to study the horoscopes in detail and give away divine predictions to help people come out of darkness and difficulties. His main aim in life is to help more and more people and make a difference to their lives.