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About Me

Tarot Virushaa is a professional Tarot Card reader with over 5 years of experience. She is also a dedicated artist, prolific writer, voracious reader, and soul seeker. She believes in the mysteries of the universe, the power of intention, crystals, tarot cards, and oracles, as well as the transformative and healing power of stories and art and creativity. She believes that writing is medicine, and as a long-time journal keeper, she has seen the benefits of focused writing in her life. She also understands that art is therapy – creating a new piece of art, whether it is a painting, a photograph, or digital artistry, both excites her and calms her soul! She believes that tarot and oracle cards are powerful tools for self-development, soulful guidance, and deep inner work. Add some crystal magic and intentional rituals to the mix, and you've got gold! All of this is pure magic when combined, and she is eager to share it with you!


When she was 29, she got her first deck of tarot cards. She was always fascinated by mysterious and magical things, even as a child. Her mother used to read their tea leaves for fun, and she was always fascinated by how a few leaves bunched together could reveal so much about a person. She was hooked on tarot when she discovered it at the age of 29 after her sister brought some cards home. She is now 34 years old and reads the cards every day. Some people consider tarot reading to be fortune-telling, but she sees it as a tool for divining information about a person's circumstances. She began counselling and providing guidance in love and relationships to help the community and to lend a helping hand. She eventually learned Reiki, Angelic Reading, and Switchwords. She also has expertise in Lal Kitab remedies. All these healing and prediction tools enabled her to serve a larger audience. Her friends and clients have always praised her work and encouraged her to get to where she is today. She is a multi-educated person with degrees and diplomas in a variety of fields. She can speak English and Hindi.