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Astro Varatharajan

Astro Varatharajan


Vedic, Numerology

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About Me

Astro Varatharajan is a seasoned astrologer having 23 years of professional expertise in Kerala prasannam (8 types), salliyam, vastu and numerology. Also, he is a specialist in rarely acquired techniques of Thradakam which is a powerful tool to change the course of a person's life. His knowledge is rooted deeply in vedic astrology and ashtamangala and can help in changing your misfortunes to fortunes. It can also enable an individual to reach new heights in life. He is also a Varahi, VasyaKali upasak and his unique skill is the ability to predict accurately on a client’s fortunes and future without the need of any personal details like horoscopes or profiles. He is available for consultations on the issues ranging from business, family Life, legal disputes, property disputes, marital/love affairs, diseases, guidance on name change for individuals, design of logos, names for success in businesses, naming newborns for a successful life full of fame, prosperity and completeness and so on. His clientele includes patrons across US, UK, France, Asia Pacific especially Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Many Business owners have found his services helpful in their growth stories. He can speak malayalam, tamil and English quite fluently.