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Tarot Urmila

Tarot Urmila



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About Me

Tarot Urmila is a highly intuitive Tarot reader with 5 years of experience practicing this beautiful divine occult science. She is also a Reiki healer and Numerology practitioner while simultaneously pursuing Vastu. She had worked with news channels and was a facilitator in an organization. Besides, she used to design jewelry and was a fashion designer too. Her vast clientele comes from different backgrounds and is based in India and other countries, including the UK, Dubai, Canada and more. A strong believer in karma and the law of attraction, she believes that if we do good, the universe will bestow good to us. Besides, meditation has been part of her daily routine for the last many years.

Tarot Urmila feels connected to the universe. She loves to discover the mysteries of the future with the divine Tarot Cards. Her inquisitiveness about spirituality and the universe helps create a natural connection with her clients. Her clients feel content and hopeful for their future after a consultation session with her. She also does counseling in the Tarot Reading session. She gives simple remedies to follow, which are very much effective.