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Tarot Symantika

Tarot Symantika



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About Me

Astrologer Symantika is a gifted and well experienced tarot reader, and works to offer highly intuitive, accurate and clarifying readings for her clients. She is also a certified counselor, which allows her psychic readings to not only be spiritually attuned but also therapeutic and empowering. She has been practicing tarot readings from the last 11 years.Love, Relationships, Career, Personal Growth, Mental Health and Spiritual Advancement are my specialties. I also work with Crystals and Chakras to help energize the advice drawn upon by the Tarot cards.I was gifted my first set of Tarot Cards at the age of 15. It is true when they say Tarot finds you and not the other way around. I found it to be be a fascination ever since and the most powerful platform to channel my psychic abilities.