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About Me

Her eleven years journey from a Tarot Reader to a Tarot Teacher and Consultant on National TV has both been rewarding and fulfilling. It is absolutely magical how overseas and PAN India, she has delivered Tarot predictions, guidance and advised people over phone, zoom, and email. Currently, she is based in Gurgaon India. Her journey started from New Delhi, India where friends and family started to refer her for Tarot consultations to people. The art of prediction in her just seemed to come naturally and effortlessly. She went with the flow! Initially, she used to be astonished by client feedback on how their lives transformed post the Tarot reading. Eventually, it became a habit & a regular thing. Earlier restricted to face to face consultations, as the demand grew, the use of technology became a must. So phone sessions, sessions over zoom and email pdf readings got introduced. Annual predictions and birthday predictions also got pretty popular. Currently, her social media presence on my YouTube Channel is wide. She is a well-placed author & expert on the subject with Her focus has always been on treating the Tarot with a lot of respect and ensuring no personal opinions are inserted while channeling for the client. The idea is to provide the client 3Cs: clarity, confidence, CTA (call to action). In early childhood, when she went for a consultation she saw that people were only provided information but no remedies. Thus she chose to be a Consultant and ensured that no one walks away with only information and remedies became an essential part of her consultation. Her practice induces a deep reflection of offering not just consultation but remedial actions also, which range from remedial donations, magic codes, color therapy, switch words & more, depending upon client requirements. You will see her on National TV often talking on sun signs, soulmates and twin flames using her Tarot Cards. She embraced this craft with a lot of compassion and gratitude, as she was born with it. She is delighted that she can contribute to the world with her psychic tarot readings. She continues to spread the love of Tarot on this planet and thank the Universe for attracting such lovely heart-warming clients who could be a part of her journey, as they progress in life. It is not about dependency. It is about allowing yourself to be helped. Her favorite line: Allow Tarot to be your GPS for life... because you are worth it!