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Pandit Sitaraman

Pandit Sitaraman



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About Me

I am an experienced and well-known astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for over ten years. While delineating the birth charts, I provide, as a matter of practice, for further enlightening the people with the astrological reasoning for any prediction. With the versatility and wisdom gained over the decades, I have interacted with various people from all walks of life in India and abroad. I have delineated more than 5000 birth charts, earning their gratitude, respect, admiration, and appreciation for my intrinsic predictions and assessments. My areas of expertise include education, time/change of profession, matching of charts for marriage, time of marriage/re-marriage, fixing Muhurta for any auspicious event, progeny, foreign travel and settlement, share trading, medical astrology, favorable and unfavorable dasha periods, transit, medical astrology, remedies, and so on. In addition, I have Vastu consulting experience, and I offer residential and commercial building consultation.