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About Me

Astro Sidharth is a certified astrologer who has been giving predictions for over eight years. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing further engineering studies from a prestigious institution in India. His interest in astrology began in 2010. He started to learn about planets and read books on astrology, and within two years, he started giving highly accurate predictions. He developed an intuition of the working of planets in different signs and houses.

Being an engineer, he also tries to connect Astrology with science (Physics, Chemistry, etc.). He has learned a lot in Astrology by exploring horoscopes of famous personalities. He tried to find connections to how these people became successful and why at that particular point in time. He also connected incidents that his friends and family went through from Astrology. The experience he gained by doing this has helped him immensely in understanding Vedic Astrology's nature. He wants to help people to get on the right path in their lives. He has expertise in love and relationship matters, career choice. He is also committed to lifelong learning in Occult Sciences. His main objective is to lead a person to his destiny with subtle suggestions.