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Astro Shree

Astro Shree


Vedic, Tarot, Numerology, Vastu, KP, Prashna

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About Me

Astro Shree specialises in Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology (LoShuGrid), Vastu, KP, Handwriting & Signature Analysis, Switchwords, Crystals, Reiki Healings, and Shiva Healings. She is from a traditional Brahmin family and has studied Karma Kand, Abhishek, and Havan since she was a child due to her interest in Vedic Astrology. Initially, she studied Electronics and Communication, then went on to earn an MBA and begin teaching Finance and Stock Market. She pursued her interest in Vedic astrology further, earning an "ACHARYA" degree in Falit Jyotish. Since childhood, she has been a blessed devotee of divine Mother Kali and Mahakaal, and her predictions have made a difference in people's lives. She eventually quit her job to pursue full-time astrology. She pursued Jyotish with the blessing of her Ishta Mother Kali and her inner voice. She continued to attend her Gurus' classes. 

Her ability to make accurate predictions is what sets her apart. Before making predictions for her clients, she consults various charts, including Divisional charts, Ashtakvarga, Dasa, and transit-Nakshatra. She makes a prediction/decision after analysing it from three to four different perspectives for accuracy. She considers herself a Vedic Astrology scientist to whom you can pose any questions. She offers advice on Career, Love, Relationship, Match Making, Marriage, Land, Foreign Land-related Issues, Education, and Progeny. Her guidance helps people make better decisions and change their lives for the better. Her clientele spans the globe, from India to Canada, Africa, China, Russia, Fiji, Australia, the United States, and beyond.

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