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About Me

I am a certified Vedic Astrologer. Since school, I've been interested in astrology, but as time has passed, I've realized it's not a subject I want to learn about; rather, it's a subject I want to pursue. Astrology is a combination of divine skills and research. As an astrologer, I believe that there must be a certain alignment that supports your prediction. Most people believe that karma can change anything, but taking the right astrological advice can change one's destiny for the better. Astrology is becoming more important as people's attitudes toward one another become more polarized. My interest in astrology is due to spirituality, and it is a way I have changed my life and others' lives. Ups and downs in life brush up the perspective towards life. Some remedies do wonders. It is a matter of habit that changes everything. Vedic astrology is a vast field of study with a dynamic environment. It makes more sense to assist others because most people face the same problem but in different ways. I advise on love and relationships, money, a career, and other topics that come up in everyday life. My clients have been encouraging, and their positive feedback motivates me to continue learning and following my passion.