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About Me

I have been an astrology practitioner since the last 7 years. My interest in astrology was initially sparked by palmistry and soon my thirst to know more led explore and immerse completely in the vast ocean of astrology and the occult sciences. I studied the practical application of Parashari Astrology in predicting outcomes related to Career and relationships. Gradually my scope widened to include English Geomancy(Ramal Prashna Shastra ) and predictions based on Krishnamurti Paddhati. Under the aegis of Phalajyotish Jnyanapeeth, Pune I have conducted several workshops and classroom training sessions on Ramal Prashna Shastra. I believe that astrology and the astrologer, both have a powerful impact on our lives, and as such one must make predictions only based on sound practical, and logical astrological premises. As an astrologer, I seek to be a friend, philosopher, and guide to people especially in areas related to Career, Love, Relationships, and finance. My ongoing research is in the field of astrological remedies. The key to offering proper remedies. or solutions can only be done if a proper and thorough analysis of the natal horoscope is done. Most people. are under the impression that astrological remedies are too exorbitant or. inaccessible to the common man.

I believe this is not necessarily true. It is important to know, first of all, whether such propitiation is required and absolutely necessary and only then it makes sense to recommend a mantra, tantra, or gemstone. My modus operandi is therefore to seek the right combinations of. planets that might be responsible for influencing certain events and then offering remedies to either enhance the power of those planets or to propitiate them to gain relief. For those who do not have the correct time.of.birth or if. there is ambiguity with regards to birth data, Ramal prashna kundali can accurately answer any query put forth. To answer any query it is but simple. matter of. asking for 4 numbers from.the querent and based on. that a tamales prashna chart is constructed which can give an accurate description of the outcome if the event. Ramal Prashna combined. with Parashari concepts like prashna.ashtavarga, prashna navanansha , prashna nakshatra, to name a few, can quite satisfactorily answer questions with regards to people that don't have their birth charts available. The scope of my astrology thus lies not only in all the aforementioned areas but most importantly, in helping the native utilize the full potential of their horoscopes to the maximum possible extent. In my capacity, I thus pledge to carry on my work in the field of astrology and ensure that I will only bring this exalted art to good repute.