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Astro Sachin

Astro Sachin


Vedic, Numerology, Vaastu, KP

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About Me

Greetings to Maa Rajrajeshwari and my Gurus. They have helped me immensely dispel the darkness from my life. I am Astro Sachin, a 36 year old individual who has been providing consultancy in Astrology for the past 12 years. Astrology always fascinated me, I decided to build my career in this field in order to change perceptions people have about predictive sciences and also to educate people about remedies that being followed blindly. My teachings and experience in diverse categories of predictive sciences like Vedic Astrology, Lalkitab, Naadi Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu has helped me facilitate unique and personalized solutions to the problems of life. I have been conferred the title of "TIMES DAIVAGYA MANI, JYOTISH ACHARAYA AND JYOTISH BHASKAR". I have also done extensive research on the synthesis of Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu. Currently I am working on developing my expertise in remedial measures along with a combination of Tantra, psychology, Yoga and Ayurveda. I have also attended seminars and events on Jyotish all over India.