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Rakesh K Bhardwaj

Rakesh K Bhardwaj


Vedic Astrology

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About Me

Vastu Consultant Rakesh K. Bhardwaj practices Astro-vastu a personalized & more effective science ,that harmonizes your space according to your astro starts. Most vastu consultants do not practice Astro-vastu. According to Rakesh K. Bhardwaj astro vastu is more effective than general vastu. Vastu Consultant Rakesh K. Bhardwaj specializes in business solutions and harmonizing business spaces as per Astro Vastu to add gains to your business. Vastu Consultant Rakesh K. Bhardwaj offers his services to all those who seek solutions to their problems. Rakesh K. Bhardwaj’s Vastu Consultancy services aims to utilize the principles of Vastu Shastra to enhance the quality of lives.