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Astro Priya

Astro Priya


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About Me

Astro Priya completed her post-graduation in MBA HR and worked as a member of the Rotary club. While studying Btech, she was surrounded by people who were having relationship issues and family sufferings. She consulted many astrologers who predicted her life in many different ways, which left her confused. That’s when she decided to learn Vedic astrology and developed a keen interest in finding out about life's true path. She studied books like Parasara hora, KN Rao astrology, and Jamini astrology. She has studied navamsa(D9), Dasamsa(D10), Bhava Chalit, Nakshatra and transit, Gochara, and Vimshottari Dasa. She openly discusses your problem and makes you comfortable, and motivates you to meet your relaxation state.