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Tarot Prachi

Tarot Prachi


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About Me

Tarot Prachi is a celebrated tarot and oracle card reader with an experience of more than 6 years. Her spiritual wuest started when she going through a tough time and tarot cards came to her rescue. At this time, she learnt that tarot is not only a divination tool to predict future events but also a life saving tool that helps in assessing the current thought patterns of a person that govern their thinking, emotions and behaviour. She came to know that our future is an outcome of our current thought process and behaviour and understood that tarot reinforces the doctrine of karma and magnifies it as the thoughts occur before the action. Therefore, it is important to first work on our thought patters and analyse and heal them so as to create a better future. With the beginning of the healing of thoughts, our life starts healing and it becomes better in all spheres - personal as well as professional. Even all the diseases in our bodies are related to our long lasting beliefs like cancer is called by resentment. Did you know that your thoughts are so powerful? Just imagine if they are powerful enough to create a disease then if these are healed and channelized effectively, then they can create miracles in your life.