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Acharya Paramita

Acharya Paramita


Vedic, KP

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About Me

Acharya Paramita started studying astrology in 2005 from a well-established institute, and since then, there has been no pause in gaining knowledge about Astrology and Vastu. She has done her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree with a gold medal in KP Astrology from reputed institutes for astrology in India. Her predictions during her studies at the institute earned her various awards and rewards. She was selected as one of the lifetime faculty members of the institute. She received the title of Jyotish Prabhakar in 2007, Vastu Bisharad in 2007, Jyotish Vidya Bhushan in 2008, and Jyotish Shastri in 2009. She has various medals that were awarded to her for her knowledge of Vedic cultures and mainstream astrology.

 Her expertise lies in KP astrology, Vedic astrology, Numerology and Vastu. She has been practising astrological predictions for over 12 years now. A knowledgeable high master in KP astrology, she gives solutions for matters related to marriage, love, relationships, health, career and financial conditions.