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Dr Nair

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About Me

Dr Nair is a Nakshatra Sidhanta and also a Prashna Shastra expert. She comes from an eminent family of astrologers and has experience of more than 9 years. Her mother, Smt. Rema Nair is also a renowned astrologer from Kerala. She is a strong follower of Guruji Sri. N V Raghava Chary. She is a student of eminent and well known Nadi astrologer Naadi Jyotisha Kesari - Prof. N.V.R.A. Raja.

She is a faculty in a reputed Astrology Research Foundation center where she gives free classes. She has done her Masters in Astrology from a reputed university in South India and a Masters in Vedanga Jyotisha from an esteemed university in the USA. where she researched Medical Astrology in 2017. She has also published many research articles and has her youtube videos on medical astrology, the importance of Digbala, etc.  At present, Acharya Nair is pursuing MSc. Psychology. She is an active participant in all astrological activities. She has received many honorary titles like “Daivagna Vallabha”, “Jyotisha Gnyana Saraswathi ”, “Jyotisha Ratna”, "Jyothisha Visharadha," and "Jyothisha Praveena" for her outstanding contributions in the field of occult sciences. She has even conducted the "Nakshatra Prasna Quiz". She gives consultations in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.