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Acharya Lokesh

Acharya Lokesh


Vedic, Numerology, Prashna Kundali

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About Me

Acharya Lokesh started his career in astrology in 1998 and holds an experience of more than 22 years in this field. He holds two masters degrees - one in Jyotish and one in Sanskrit - and this has made him a reputed astrologer who is respected everywhere. He also specializes in prashna kundali and can answer your questions with no need of your birth details.  He hails from an illustrious family of astrologers and inherited the art of astrology from his father. He deeply studied the subject under the guidance of his revered gurus and made it the aim of his life to serve others and bring a positive change in their lives. 

He explains the concept of karmas and how your past life karmas can have a lasting impact on your present life. He provides karmik remedies and suggests a change in lifestyle to repair the errors that you have made in the past. He offers consultation on various facets of life such as Education, Litigation, Property and Vehicle Purchase, Health troubles, mental disturbance, abroad Travel, Career and Financial prospects, life prediction, Marriage-Romance-Divorce, success in love or love marriage, past life lover, Children, Promotional opportunity, gemstone consultation, Longevity success in business, etc.