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Dr Lakshmi Vaitheeswaran

Dr Lakshmi Vaitheeswaran


Prashna Kundali

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About Me

Dr. Lakshmi Vaitheeswaran has been practicing astrology for the last 14 years. She has completed her masters and doctorate in astrology and has done extensive research on various subjects related to Vedic sciences. She holds expertise in prashna kundali as well and provides detailed and accurate information by reading your horoscope chart. She can also provide auspicious timings for your special dates on the basis of your birth data.  In her opinion, vedic astrology is a vast subject with various schools that apply different rules for predicting the future of an individual. She believes that no one method suffices to give an accurate result and therefore, she combines elements from Vedic, Nadi, and Jaimini Astrology to reach a definite answer. She provides accurate predictions on the various issues of everyday life such as career, marriage, health and daily life predictions. Her predictions provide a panoramic view of the current state of things, but she believes that in the end it’s the all-knowing Almighty who will have the final say.