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Pandit Naman

Pandit Naman


Vedic Astrology

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About Me

Pandit Naman is a professional astrologer with an experience of more than 8 years in Vedic astrology. Since his childhood he was so fascinated by astrology that he went for a detailed study of the subject. He wishes to help people overcome their problems with his knowledge of vedic astrology. Astrology gives a new way to his life. Whenever he reads the horoscope of his clients, he thoroughly analyzes it and on that basis suggests predictions and remedies. He believes that all the events of an individual’s life are controlled by planets and these can either affect them in a positive or a negative way. But every negativity has a remedial rectification and this is provided by him to all his clients. He offers consultation regarding problems of daily life such as delay in marriage, relationship issues, career, finance, health, education, etc.