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Krishnan Venkatraman

Krishnan Venkatraman



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About Me

Krishnan Venkatraman is a well known Vedic astrologer who has connections with the Royal Vedic astrologers who served in the courts of Thanjavur Nayaks. He makes accurate predictions which are in line with day to day trends and the new age lifestyle. As the world is becoming a smaller place with new technologies, Krishnan has interpreted astrology to what it means to the new generation and how one can cope up with the new lifestyle and the change in attitude needed to bring about a transformation in your lives. He has constantly strived to make the lives of people better by giving insights into various aspects of their lives. Such In-depth knowledge has led him to have clients in various parts of the world. His Vedic practices are based on the various planetary positions including the other peripheral charts and in-depth Knowledge of Pushkar Navamsas. He guides people to come out of their problems through advice on gemology and attitudinal shifts that one has to make in their lives to improve their lives. He strives to selflessly help people and this has made him a favorite go-to person to guide them on the path that they need to tread on. He is sensitive to the problems of the people. He is highly professional and sophisticated and looks at solving the problem from the root rather than at a superficial level. Rest assured you will be reaching out to someone dependable while making crucial decisions in your life.