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K SitaRama Sastry

K SitaRama Sastry



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About Me

K. SitaRama Sastry is a  Scholar in Astrology with an immense expertise in Astrology ( Jataka, Muhurtha, Numerology, Vastu Sciences etc.) He has dedicated his whole time in the study of several Astrological authentic books. With tremendous knowledge with Predictive part of Astrology ;  has  predicted  Lakhs of horoscopes  with Success rate of 90%. He reveals his knowledge of planets and heavenly bodies and puts that to positive effect on a person. He can not change your life but read  your future and secure it from evil influences of bad planets.   In just 26 years his advice has brought light  to Lakhs of  people's life. The success rate is 90 %. This family is using this prowess for mankind to enable it  to have safe and secure life for exploration and celebrations.